If you’re facing a felony in the state of New Jersey, you should know that crimes aren’t divided up into classes, but are in groupings of indictable crimes, disorderly person offenses, and petty disorderly person offenses. An indictable offense is the same as a felony in other states, so facing a possible conviction in New Jersey would mean that you would be facing an “indictable crime” on your record and jail time as well. If you’re needing legal counsel and representation and searching for a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys, don’t hesitate any more and contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. We’ll do our best to review your case and represent you accurately in court. Call us now for legal help!

As mentioned above, an indictable crime in the state of New Jersey is the same as a felony in other states, but it’s important to know the crimes that are associated with a conviction. To do this, we need to unpack the four degrees of an indictable crime:

First degree: Murder, manslaughter, and rape, amid other crimes
Second degree: Aggravated arson, burglary, kidnapping, white collar crimes, drugs crimes, and sex offenses
Third degree: This degree can include arson, robbery, possession of controlled substances, and some DUI offenses.
Fourth degree: Stalking, forgery, and some DUI and robbery crimes.

These crimes can have differing sentences, due to the severity of the act and whether or not the offense is first or subsequent. For example, if someone is convicted of stalking and it’s his or her first offense, it will probably be categorized in as a fourth degree indictable crime. If the individual commits the stalking crime again and it’s against the same person, he or she will probably indicted of a third or second degree offense and have a heavier sentence dealt out due to the face that he or she was convicted once of a felony and that it was the same offense committed again. No matter what, if you have a previous felony or indictable crime on your permanent record, you will face harsher punishments and longer jail times.

Sentences for Indictable Crimes

If you are convicted in a court in the state of New Jersey, your sentence can carry jail time. The minimum jail sentence is six months, prison sentences can be dealt out differently. Typically, the sentences are as follows:

First degree offense and conviction: 10-20 years of jail time, but these can be extended to life sentences in exceptional cases
Second degree offense and conviction: Five to 10 years of imprisonment, which can be extended to 20 years
Third degree offense and conviction: Three to five years of prison time, and up to 10 years for a maximum sentence
Fourth degree offense and conviction: up to 18 months of jail time, and three to five years for exceptional cases

A Felony Will Stay With You Forever

A felony or an indictable offense will become part of your permanent record, and it can influence a jury or judge if you face another conviction again. You will receive a harsher sentence if you have a previous record, and being a convicted felon will affect you for the rest of your life. It can affect potential job opportunities and cheat you out of the purchase of a home. You’ll also lose the right to vote, to carry arms, and the ability to obtain certain professional licenses. It will be an unfortunate ball-and-chain that will haunt you continuously.

The value of excellent legal representation is vital to ensuring that you’re properly represented in court and before a jury. An experienced lawyer will be able to determine whether your charge has grounds for dismissal, can explore all plea options, and will represent your case at the trial. Only an attorney who understands the legal system can do his or her best to maximize your chances for a favorable outcome. If you’re facing an indictable crime in New Jersey and searching for an excellent team of criminal defense attorneys, call The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein now. We have handled hundreds of felonies and always do our best to represent our clients in their best light. Contact us now for legal representation in New Jersey.