Many people understand that committing a crime is against the law, but when it comes to legal jargon describing what a felony is, it can instantly become confusing for an individual who does not have a law degree. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a Class E felony is in the state of New York and a few crimes that are listed under that category. If you’re facing a felony charge and are searching for legal counsel, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. Our experienced and understanding team of lawyers will review your case and do our best to work with the justice system to make sure you’re represented correctly. If you’re searching for a team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys in New York, call The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein now.

A Class E felony is the lowest on the scale of felonies but can still carry serious repercussions. In the criminal justice system, the word felony denotes an offense for which a term of imprisonment of a year or less can and may be imposed. While it isn’t usually an offense that carries automatic jail time, it does have a hefty period of probation. In the state of New York, a non-violent Class E felony can carry a sentence of one and one-third to four years of probation. If you’re facing a violent Class E felony, you could be sentenced to one and a half years to four years of probation. Jail time can also be tacked onto your sentence if you have a record of previous felonies in the past 10 years. There are many other factors that will also be taken into consideration when your sentence is being decided, such as:
Prior convictions: If you have any prior felony or misdemeanor convictions in the past 10 years, they will be considered in depth.

Non-violent predicate: This is the label that will be attached to any other non-violent felonies that you have committed in the past 10 years.

Violent predicate: If you have any violent felonies associated in your name, they will affect your sentencing.
Persistent felony offender: This label is reserved for two or more previous felony convictions and can land you in prison for up to a life sentence.

What are Some Examples of a Class E Felony?

If you’re wondering what type of crime a Class E felony may entail, you may be surprised. In the state of New York, a few examples of a Class E felony include:

  • Persistent sexual abuse
  • Placing a false bomb or hazardous substance in the second degree
  • Conspiracy in the fourth degree
  • Stalking in the second degree
  • Cemetery desecration in the first degree
  • Unlawful duplication of computer-related material in the first degree

The list goes on, but as you can see, these crimes are serious and usually committed by an individual who has the intent of hurting or traumatizing a person, group of people, or property. A felony conviction can adversely affect you for the rest of your life, and if there are any prior convictions, could land you in prison for years.

If you’re facing a felony conviction and are searching for an experienced lawyer who will hear your case and do his or her best to represent you in court, don’t hesitate to contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. Our team of professionals have dealt with every class of felonies and understand what is required to make sure our clients get the representation they deserve. Don’t wait another minute. Call our team of criminal defense attorneys today and let us represent you for your Class E felony in the state of New York!