A criminal defense attorney is who you should call if you’re facing a serious conviction. He or she will review your case, interview you and any witnesses, and represent you in court. An experience criminal defense attorney will be able to work with the judge and the court system to lower your sentence or negotiate on your behalf. If you’re facing a felony conviction and in need of a dedicated and understanding lawyer, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. With more than 20 years of experience in handling serious cases, our team will offer expert legal advice and counsel. Offering our services to both New York and New Jersey, you can count on us to represent you well in court. Don’t delay, call our team now!

Criminal Law

Criminal law is confusing and complex entity comprised of both state and federal legislation. A criminal defense attorney must understand and be able to negotiate on both types of law. Most crimes are state crimes, but some crimes can be categorized as federal. These are usually damages to federal property or assaulting or killing a federal employee. Criminal law is not for the faint of heart, and it takes a special type of dedicated and committed individual to be willing to devote his or her life to criminal law.

Because criminal law is some complex and has different sets of definitions, categorizations, and punishments per state, the average person typically has no idea about even the basics of criminal law. Choosing to not employ a criminal defense attorney can almost also ensure a guilty verdict for the convicted, because a state or federal prosecutor does not have your best interests at heart. On the contrary, he or she is specifically assigned to try to trap you by your own admittance of guilt or some other indictment. However, if you choose to have a criminal defense attorney by your side and representing you, he or she may be able to find loopholes or use his or her influence to lower your sentence, release you on bail, or even drop the charges altogether. While it is legal to represent yourself in court, poorly representing your side can majorly cost you. No matter how many crime TV shows you may have seen, it’s best to have trusted legal counsel representing you before a judge and a jury.

What Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Do for Me?

As soon as you are arrested, it’s advised that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This is mainly because you will need someone to advise and represent you if you’re being prosecuted and to begin to review your case. If you are guilty of a crime and are worried about being charged, a criminal defense attorney will be able to begin finding witnesses who can account for your good behavior and conduct, as well as compile any and all evidence against the person or company that is prosecuting the case. Your lawyer will also advise you on what you should personally do to invite a favorable outcome and even lower the sentence. This can include you dressing professionally when appearing in court, being respectful in your responses to the judge and jury, and completing acts of service in the community.

A criminal defense attorney can also cause your charges to be dropped before a trial date is even set. If improbable cause can be proven, then you may even be released. While it may take time for the evidence to be compiled, a reputable lawyer will work night and day to find every little shred of evidence that could allow you to walk free.

If you have committed a felony or misdemeanor and know that the evidence is stacked against you, a criminal defense attorney can enter a plea deal for you. This is a negotiated agreement that involves you pleading guilty for your crime in exchange for a lowered or reduced sentence. This is a good choice if you know that you’ll be facing jail time and would like to control the sentence as much as possible. Of course, your attorney will advise you on what the best choice is for your particular case.

Criminal Defense Attorney at Trial

If your case does go to trial, your lawyer will represent you before the court and the jury. He or she will walk with you every step of the way and advise you on what to say, how to say it, and if you should or shouldn’t plead guilty. A trial can take months to complete, so the services of a criminal defense attorney will be invaluable during this time. If the outcome of the trial is unfavorable, your lawyer will also be able to assist you on the appeals process.

If you’re facing a serious charge and need a trusted criminal defense attorney to call, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will take on your case with understanding and commitment. Let’s fight for justice together. Call our team now!