1. Criminal Drug Case – Evidence Suppressed

    A recent criminal case we handled related to the suppression of evidence in a drug case due to improper police procedures. A summary of the case and the court findings are detailed below. Marijuana Charges Dismissed A citizen informant told the police that the car in which defendant was a passenger …Read More

  2. Imputed Income

    for Purposes of Maintenance and Child Support In a NY divorce action, a statutory formula is used to figure out how much the monied spouse will be ordered to pay the non-monied spouse for purposes of calculating maintenance and child support. The amount of income each party is assigned is based on t…Read More

  3. Assault Charges Dismissed

    Following a jury trial, the verdict was in…“not guilty.” A.M. was a bouncer at a bar in Rockland County. A fight broke out at the bar, and the initial aggressor, as well as others, was immediately removed. Thereafter, the initial aggressor made his way back into the bar, when the defendant, A.…Read More

  4. Overturned Stipulation of Settlement

    Many married couples enter into a Stipulation of Settlement or Settlement Agreement before obtaining a final Order of Divorce. The purpose of doing so is to more quickly come to terms upon which they agree. Such issues involved in those agreements are custody, visitation, maintenance/alimony, child …Read More

  5. Sexual Abuse Allegations Dismissed

    Barron, in his sixty years, never had contact with the law. His girlfriend’s daughter, TL, dramatically changed that. After five years of being apart their family, Debra’s fourteen-year-old daughter, TL, alleged that on two occasions, during August and September of 2012, Barron sexually abused h…Read More

  6. New York Drug Court

    Drug Courts were established in New York to assist in rehabilitation, rather than incarceration. When charged with specific felony drug crimes, a person can qualify for admission to drug court in the county where they reside. Drug Court involves an 18-month program of weekly meetings in drug court t…Read More

  7. Criminal Case – Aggravated Driving While Suspended

    Following a non-jury trial in Westchester County, H.S. was found not guilty of all felony charges on the indictment, and was convicted only of a misdemeanor charge of DWI. Not Guilty of Felony Charges Not all cases deal with drugs, robbery or sex offenses. Sometimes, clients who have good jobs, come…Read More