One of the most common driving offenses is that of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Because it is so dangerous, the courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) do not take kindly to violations of these laws. Many drivers wonder about the possible violations and their penalties, and in today’s blog, we’ll provide a high-level review of these details for informational purposes.

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Felony drug charges are a very serious matter, and there is a lot of official terminology involved in the judicial process related to these matters. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing, it helps to be familiar with classifications of drugs in our state, and in today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at controlled dangerous substances and the drug schedule in New Jersey.

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Being arrested is unlikely to be on the daily agenda for most people, however, untimely arrests happen each day in our state. In fact, according to recent statistics released by the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, nearly 479,000 individuals were arrested in 2016 alone. Being arrested can be a scary and emotional experience that causes many people to act in a manner that they normally wouldn’t, and in today’s blog, we’ll review a few actions you can take to make the experience go as smoothly as possible.

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For many offenders, the completion of their jail sentence and probation period brings the promise of a fresh start. However, because a person’s criminal record can significantly impact personal and professional opportunities, many people seek to get their record expunged. If you’re considering expungement, you may have questions about the process, and in today’s blog, we’ll provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to expungement.

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With ever-changing technology, the job of criminal defense attorneys has become very complex when it comes to defending clients accused of credit card fraud. The credit card fraud laws of New Jersey are incredibly complex, and if you’ve been accused of a crime related to securing or using a credit card fraudulently, it is wise to seek legal counsel. In today’s blog, we will take a closer look at credit card fraud and review a few common types of this kind of fraud.

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When you’re facing felony charges in the state of New York, you want to do everything you can to ensure you have legal representation that will help you fight for your rights. Because felonies can be so serious in nature, so are the consequences if you are convicted of one, and if you’re wondering what rights may be in jeopardy if you are handed a felony conviction, you’re not alone. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few constitutional privileges that may be impacted by an untimely conviction.

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After being accused of a crime, many clients come to our Chestnut Ridge office feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frightened. This is understandable given the prospect of a potential conviction that could impact a large part of their future. A felony conviction, in particular, can have far-reaching effects that many people may not be aware of. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the various types of felonies in New York and some of the primary consequences of a felony conviction.

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In a previous article, we discussed the differences between simple offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies. It might not surprise you to learn that rape or sexual assault can result in a felony charge in the state of New Jersey. Like many other felonies, the charge can vary in severity and comes with penalties of jail time and fines. In today’s blog, we’ll review some basic information related to this common felony to better help you understand what constitutes rape, what the penalties are, and how to defend yourself against these charges.

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For many citizens, the U.S. legal system is a complex web of terminology and nuances that can be challenging to understand. To make matters even more complicated, within our legal system, there are numerous types of crimes that range in severity from simple offenses to more serious felonies. Some felonies are handled within individual states’ court systems, while others are handled at a federal, and it can be difficult to know the difference. In today’s article, we’ll review what defines federal crimes, some examples of them, how they’re prosecuted, and what to do if you’ve been federally indicted.

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If you’re facing a felony conviction, you’re probably wondering how the charge will affect your life. Moving forward, a felony on your record will affect you in many different ways and cause you to make some changes to your lifestyle and plans because of the conviction. In this blog, we’ll discuss how a felony will affect you for the rest of your life and the only way that it can be erased from your permanent record. Facing a felony charge in New York? Pick up your phone now and call the team at The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. Our hours are 24/7, so we’ll be able to take your call and willing to set up a consultation to discuss the next steps that are appropriate for your charge. Contact us immediately if you’re facing a conviction and need expert advice. We’re here for you!


If you’re facing a felony charge, you’re probably thinking about how to find a trusted criminal defense attorney to take on your case. However, it can be difficult to choose the right lawyer for your case, and be sure that he or she will have your best interests at heart. While it can be overwhelming, there are some guidelines that you can follow when searching for a criminal defense attorney so you can find someone who is reputable and will understand your case. In this post, we’ll detail these guidelines so that you can choose the right lawyer for your case. Contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein if you’re facing a felony charge or conviction in the state of New York. With more than 40 years of experience, the team here will take on your case, examine all of the facts carefully, and defend your case as best as we can. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!


Being faced with a possible conviction can be horrifying, especially if you’re unsure of what your sentence might be and what to expect in the coming weeks. It’s best to always be educated and understand the differences between a felony, misdemeanor, and a violation and what the possible outcomes of each could be. In this post, we’ll define these three crimes and what the punishments are in the state of New York. If you’re facing a possible conviction and are in need of a criminal defense attorney, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein immediately. We’re open 24/7, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need a lawyer’s advice and help. For excellent representation and help in New York, contact us now!


In the state of New York, a Class A felony is serious and carries the highest penalties of any felony possible. While being convicted of a felony can be scary, the sentencing of this crime can cause you to be in prison for decades. If you’re facing a felony charge in New York, it’s vital to the outcome of your case that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An experienced and reputable criminal defense lawyer will be able to review your case and even help to reduce your sentence, get your charges dropped, or even beat your case if it goes to trial. The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein is proud to offer more than 40 years of experience in handling criminal defense case in New York. If you’re facing a felony charge, call David I. Goldstein and his associates now!


While a Class B Felony in New York State isn’t the absolute worst crime you can commit, it is quite serious and you could be facing serious jail time, as well as fines. Felonies will also be listed on your permanent record and the charge will affect you for the rest of your life. In this blog, we’re going to discuss what a Class B felony entails in the state of New York and what the punishment includes. If you’re currently facing a felony charge and need a defense lawyer, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. We’re here to take your case and offer our best legal advice and representation in court. Contact us now to get started on your case.


Being convicted of a felony is terrifying for many people, and those who end up being prosecuted and indicted by the criminal justice system will have their lives changed forever. While a felony is overwhelming for most, having an experienced and capable lawyer at your side can help you get a more favorable outcome and even reduce your sentence. In this blog, we’ll talk about what being convicted of a Class C felony in the state of New York entails and some of the crimes that are classified in that category. If you’re searching for a criminal law attorney in New York state, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. Our dedicated lawyers will take on your case and do their best to make sure that you’re represented well in court. Contact our offices today for more information!

A Class C felony is divided up between two categories: violent and nonviolent. While a Class C felony is serious, it lies in the middle of the class system and therefore can have serious sentences or convictions that aren’t as enormous. To better discuss what a Class C felony entails, we must first...


If you’re facing a felony in the state of New Jersey, you should know that crimes aren’t divided up into classes, but are in groupings of indictable crimes, disorderly person offenses, and petty disorderly person offenses. An indictable offense is the same as a felony in other states, so facing a possible conviction in New Jersey would mean that you would be facing an “indictable crime” on your record and jail time as well. If you’re needing legal counsel and representation and searching for a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys, don’t hesitate any more and contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. We’ll do our best to review your case and represent you accurately in court. Call us now for legal help!

As mentioned above, an indictable crime in the state of New Jersey is the same as a felony in other states, but it’s important to know the crimes that are associated with a conviction. To do this, we need to unpack the four degrees of an indictable crime:

First degree: Murder, manslaughter, and rape, amid other crimes



Many people understand that committing a crime is against the law, but when it comes to legal jargon describing what a felony is, it can instantly become confusing for an individual who does not have a law degree. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a Class E felony is in the state of New York and a few crimes that are listed under that category. If you’re facing a felony charge and are searching for legal counsel, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. Our experienced and understanding team of lawyers will review your case and do our best to work with the justice system to make sure you’re represented correctly. If you’re searching for a team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys in New York, call The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein now.

A Class E felony is the lowest on the scale of felonies but can still carry serious repercussions. In the criminal justice system, the word felony denotes an offense for which a term of imprisonment of a year or less can and may be imposed. While it isn’t usually an offense that carries automatic jail time, it does have a hefty...


Committing a crime and facing a felony charge is many people’s worst nightmare and can be completely life-changing. Whether or not you meant to commit the crime, once you’re arrested and facing jail time, fines, or both, you need a dedicated and experienced lawyer to represent you and give excellent legal advice. If you’re in the state of New Jersey or New York, you need to call The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein immediately. We’re proud to be a criminal defense law firm that will always do their best to get a favorable outcome for our clients. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so don’t hesitate to call now.


A criminal defense attorney is who you should call if you’re facing a serious conviction. He or she will review your case, interview you and any witnesses, and represent you in court. An experience criminal defense attorney will be able to work with the judge and the court system to lower your sentence or negotiate on your behalf. If you’re facing a felony conviction and in need of a dedicated and understanding lawyer, contact The Law Offices of David I. Goldstein. With more than 20 years of experience in handling serious cases, our team will offer expert legal advice and counsel. Offering our services to both New York and New Jersey, you can count on us to represent you well in court. Don’t delay, call our team now!


A recent criminal case we handled related to the suppression of evidence in a drug case due to improper police procedures. A summary of the case and the court findings are detailed below.


A citizen informant told the police that the car in which defendant was a passenger was transporting a substantial amount of marijuana to the driver’s home. The police, in numerous marked and unmarked vehicles, staked out the neighborhood and awaited the suspect vehicle. Due to what we believed was an improper search and seizure, a suppression hearing was held, to determine whether the evidence seized (the large amount of marijuana) could be admitted at trial.

At the hearing, it was learned that the only reason the police stopped and searched the vehicle was due to routine traffic offenses (Failure to Come to a Complete Stop at a Stop Sign, and Failure to use Directional). However, the police swarmed and searched the vehicle, and then arrested the defendant.

The Court, at the Suppression hearing, found only one police officer...



In a NY divorce action, a statutory formula is used to figure out how much the monied spouse will be ordered to pay the non-monied spouse for purposes of calculating maintenance and child support. The amount of income each party is assigned is based on their respective incomes and may be based on their potential incomes as well. However, the law in New York also allows a party to a divorce action to have income imputed to him or her based on various factors. One such factor is the income provided to him or her by family members.

Recently, we represented the wife, whose husband alleged that his income was only $50,000 annually. In fact, once in receipt of his dozens of bank accounts, it was determined that his parents had provided substantially more money to the married couple throughout their marriage. Although he staunchly contested these payments and asserted they were all loans that needed to be paid back, we proved, through extensive motion practice and oral arguments that due to the monies frequently...


Following a jury trial, the verdict was in…“not guilty.”

A.M. was a bouncer at a bar in Rockland County. A fight broke out at the bar, and the initial aggressor, as well as others, was immediately removed. Thereafter, the initial aggressor made his way back into the bar, when the defendant, A.M., was called upon by an employee of the bar to physically remove him. Upon his removal, the aggressor became violent, causing himself, and the bouncer to fall on the sidewalk outside. The bouncer, weighing over 300 pounds, fell on the aggressor, causing him to sustain serious injuries to his ankle. The aggressor then pressed charges against the bouncer, A.M., for assault, and filed a lawsuit against the bar for substantial financial compensation.

After three days of testimony from A.M., the aggressor, as well as from various other witnesses, the jury found the following to be true: That the initial aggressor was removed from the bar for violently attacking another patron; that the aggressor was then removed from the bar; that the aggressor then snuck back into the bar less than...


Many married couples enter into a Stipulation of Settlement or Settlement Agreement before obtaining a final Order of Divorce. The purpose of doing so is to more quickly come to terms upon which they agree. Such issues involved in those agreements are custody, visitation, maintenance/alimony, child support, health insurance benefits, etc.

Recently, a young woman entered our office who had entered into such an agreement approximately two years before. After eight years of marriage and one child (now four years old), she realized the terms of her Stipulation of Settlement were not fair, giving too much power with regard to custody to her husband.

At the time the agreement was entered into, her husband had been represented by an attorney. The wife never sought counsel. However, she had ample opportunity to do so, as she had the agreement in her possession for several months before signing. Her husband constantly hounded her to sign the document and she finally did.

The agreement gave residential custody to the husband (meaning the child would reside with him) and...


Barron, in his sixty years, never had contact with the law. His girlfriend’s daughter, TL, dramatically changed that. After five years of being apart their family, Debra’s fourteen-year-old daughter, TL, alleged that on two occasions, during August and September of 2012, Barron sexually abused her.

This startling revelation came about on Christmas Eve, 2012. After getting dressed to go to the mall with her mother and older sister, TL came downstairs to the kitchen where the family was gathered. Her shocking outfit led to ridicule. Especially mad at Barron for laughing, she cursed at him and ran upstairs. Only then did she disclose the “abuse” to her sister and her mother, Debra.

TL was interviewed by a psychologist, who was mandated to report the allegations to Child Protective Services (“CPS”). TL was thereafter interviewed by a CPS caseworker, and eventually by the police.

Barron was arrested for various sexual abuse and forcible touching crimes. The criminal charges were dismissed, leaving only the Family Court proceeding.

The fact-finding hearing took...


Drug Courts were established in New York to assist in rehabilitation, rather than incarceration. When charged with specific felony drug crimes, a person can qualify for admission to drug court in the county where they reside.

Drug Court involves an 18-month program of weekly meetings in drug court to track one’s rehabilitation. Throughout the 18 months probationary period, a person in drug court can be drug tested at random, at any time. Upon successful completion of drug court, the felony charge automatically is reduced to a misdemeanor.

Many of our clients choose to apply for drug court in order to avoid having a felony drug-related offense on their record. However, in a matter recently handled by this firm, where our client was arrested and charged with drug possession, we were able to work out a settlement that allowed her to avoid drug court. She did not qualify for drug court simply because she did not reside in the county where she was charged with a felony.

Her felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, pending compliance with an “interim secret...


Following a non-jury trial in Westchester County, H.S. was found not guilty of all felony charges on the indictment, and was convicted only of a misdemeanor charge of DWI.


Not all cases deal with drugs, robbery or sex offenses. Sometimes, clients who have good jobs, come from a good family and are not criminals in the classic sense, get indicted.

Herein, H.S. was a good provider to his family, was a foster parent to two children and had no previous criminal record. A felony conviction would have ended all he achieved in his life.

The case involved a car stop by the police where a civilian witness contacted the police concerning the erratic operation of a vehicle driven by H.S. The police came upon the scene, arresting H.S. for DWI and felony charges of Aggravated Driving While Suspended along with other felony charges.

Throughout the litigation, the prosecution would not allow for a reduction of the felony charges.

At trial, the police, as always, testified in unison about H.S.’s arrest and...


A client came to us recently who had joint custody of her special needs son, with her ex-husband. However, the actions of the ex-husband began to deter their son’s progress; progress the boy had made over the course of several years by engaging in a variety of intensive therapies. If not for these constant efforts, their son would not even have ever spoken. However, he is required constant treatment and therapy, that will likely continue for many more years. His father failed to recognize this and did not act in his best interests. Therefore, the mother successfully moved for sole custody of the parties’ son, to ensure his needs will continue to be met, as well as to ensure his safety. Below is a statement by our client, the mother of the special needs child, who after contentious litigation, was awarded sole custody.