1. What is a Class C Felony in the State of New York?

    Being convicted of a felony is terrifying for many people, and those who end up being prosecuted and indicted by the criminal justice system will have their lives changed forever. While a felony is overwhelming for most, having an experienced and capable lawyer at your side can help you get a more f…Read More

  2. What is a Class D Felony or Indictable Crime in New Jersey?

    If you’re facing a felony in the state of New Jersey, you should know that crimes aren’t divided up into classes, but are in groupings of indictable crimes, disorderly person offenses, and petty disorderly person offenses. An indictable offense is the same as a felony in other states, so facing …Read More

  3. What is a Class E Felony in New York?

    Many people understand that committing a crime is against the law, but when it comes to legal jargon describing what a felony is, it can instantly become confusing for an individual who does not have a law degree. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a Class E felony is in the state of New York and a …Read More

  4. What to Do If You’ve Been Charged with a Felony

    Committing a crime and facing a felony charge is many people’s worst nightmare and can be completely life-changing. Whether or not you meant to commit the crime, once you’re arrested and facing jail time, fines, or both, you need a dedicated and experienced lawyer to represent you and give excel…Read More

  5. What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

    A criminal defense attorney is who you should call if you’re facing a serious conviction. He or she will review your case, interview you and any witnesses, and represent you in court. An experience criminal defense attorney will be able to work with the judge and the court system to lower your sen…Read More

  6. Criminal Drug Case – Evidence Suppressed

    A recent criminal case we handled related to the suppression of evidence in a drug case due to improper police procedures. A summary of the case and the court findings are detailed below. Marijuana Charges Dismissed A citizen informant told the police that the car in which defendant was a passenger …Read More

  7. Imputed Income

    for Purposes of Maintenance and Child Support In a NY divorce action, a statutory formula is used to figure out how much the monied spouse will be ordered to pay the non-monied spouse for purposes of calculating maintenance and child support. The amount of income each party is assigned is based on t…Read More

  8. Assault Charges Dismissed

    Following a jury trial, the verdict was in…“not guilty.” A.M. was a bouncer at a bar in Rockland County. A fight broke out at the bar, and the initial aggressor, as well as others, was immediately removed. Thereafter, the initial aggressor made his way back into the bar, when the defendant, A.…Read More

  9. Overturned Stipulation of Settlement

    Many married couples enter into a Stipulation of Settlement or Settlement Agreement before obtaining a final Order of Divorce. The purpose of doing so is to more quickly come to terms upon which they agree. Such issues involved in those agreements are custody, visitation, maintenance/alimony, child …Read More